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  1. phil webster

    Bowled over by all the fantastic activity. I have an 1897 steam launch which I have restored and built repro machinery, over 20yrs steaming now. I have spent a lot of time trying to make an ‘engine indicator, but realise now that I am on a hiding to nothing! The answer has to be electronic, a no go area for me. I have a large well equipped workshop, and do regular trips on the river yare. Can I interest anyone in making a steam engine ‘tuning aid’?

  2. Just a reminder everyone, its Tim’s SQL part 2 session tonight. So if you want to take part remember to bring along a laptop. Apparently we also have sofas.

    The usual making and discussion will continue in the main room.

  3. […] Keith Ellis and the guys over at Ipswich Makerspace did brilliantly well with their robot, TractorBot, at last year Pi Wars. They won Best Robot under £75 and placed very respectably in most of the challenges. (You can see the full results here). They have decided to open-source their designs and code for TractorBot, which means that other competitors this year will have a head-start on many challenges if they take the time to go through the code. Design specs will also be released so if you want a good base to start from, you could do far worse than take a look! You can read the start of their open-sourcing project here. […]

  4. Giles Gilbert

    Hi. My son came along to the raspberry jam and at the end of the day I bought for him a raspberry pi 2 and some other bits and pieces to get started. I couldn’t buy a wifi dongle there, so I bought one from Maplin. My nephew helped my son to set up the raspberry pi at home. However, he told me that the wifi dongle isn’t compatible with the raspberry pi as it only works with a Windows operating system. Is he right? I spoke to someone at Maplin on the phone but he wasn’t sure. The product is a TP-LINK Archer T”U Wireless Dual Band USB Adapter 802.11ac (AC600). Can you help at all? Do I have the right product or do I need to buy something else? I hope you can help. Best wishes, Giles Gilbert

  5. Very impressive guys. I’ve opeted for the generic SR-04 due to having no experience with any sensor like this previously. Looking forward to seeing how this performs for you.

    Must dash…off to get my robot’s claw attachment laser cut… 😉

  6. Mel

    Did you guys get along to Ipswich Art Gallery to see Oliver Postgate’s homemade animation rig in the clangers and bagpuss exhibition? Similar stuff!

  7. Aston


    I wanted to know if there is space for me to do my own work also do you have a soldering iron, screwdrivers and other electronic equipment?

    • Steve Chalkley

      Yes, we have plenty of space and a good range of equipment. We also have 3d printers, a laser cutter, a CNC machine and a well equipped woodworking workshop. Feel free to drop by and have a look around.

  8. Aston


    I’m looking for a place to do my own work like soldering, testing etc.

    Do you have any ventilated rooms that I can work on my electronics also do you have a soldering iron, a TV and a fume extractor?

    • Adam Reid

      Hello Hannah, you certainly can, no need to book an appointment! We’re open until at least 5pm today, so turn up and I’ll give you a tour.

  9. Gordon Stevens

    So, will it be acceptable for two of us to turn up on an event evening in order to see if this is what we’d like to join ?

  10. Julia

    Are you still running the dojo Sunday 13 in the afternoon? I can see it on EventBrite but not here on your webpage.



  11. Susannah

    Hi, I see there are two events on Sunday. For complete beginners age 7 and 10 (and their novice mum) which would be better to attend – morning or afternoon? Thank you

    • Adam Reid

      You certainly can, supervised children are always welcome. However, tomorrow will be a ‘work day’ rather than a normal meeting. We’re undertaking an expansion so lot of cleaning, sorting and fixing will be going on! Tuesday or Thursday evening would give you a much better idea of what our meets are normally like.

  12. Martin Hubert

    Hey, I didn’t star myself! I sanded the floor too! Ok, so the handle came off and the sander sodded off across the room…, but I still did some… 😂

  13. Alex Everett-Last

    Sorry guys I’m knackered from going up to Doncaster for a works thing yesterday so I won’t be coming to this one. However I do have this Saturday off so I’ll come down then!

  14. Sasha Ayres


    Would like to find out more. I am a hobby crafter – sewing, embroidery, like papercraft, glasswork, jewelry making, painting, pottery but my obsession at the moment is spinning and weaving – like the idea of meeting some like minded people to learn more – would your group be suitable?


    • Adam Reid

      Hi Sasha,

      You’re definitely in the right place! That’s a veritable bingo list for the stuff done of us get up to.

      There’s even a dedicated evening event for crafts, although you’re of course welcome any time, you’re more likely to meet kindred spirits on those evenings, which are currently alternate Wednesdays from 7pm.

      The next session is technically the 13th, but this Wednesday (eg tomorrow) we are also having a session themed on bookbinding; if you’re free you’d be very welcome to join us. Otherwise, drop in whenever we’re open for a tour!


      • Sasha Ayres

        Today is not going to work for me so will try for next Wednesday – 13th – would there be a theme for that too? Or perhaps drop in on Saturday – or is that not the best idea? I rather feel that I do not know what I am doing!


        • Adam Reid

          Next Wednesday has no set event or theme, aside from just a normal ‘craft evening’.

          Saturday is entirely doable – you’d be welcome to look around and work on a project if you like, but you’d not meet as many crafters as you would on a Wednesday.

  15. Tiago Perdigao

    I would like to know if it’s possible to go to today’s session to meet you guys, and see the space?


  16. Alex Everett-Last

    Just a quick update since it’s been a while! I’m still interested in coming along and becoming a member once I get paid on the 10th (wierd day, I know). Life and work have just been getting in the way recently. Hopefully I’ll see you next Saturday!

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