Saturday Special

Date(s) - 09/03/2019
11:00 - 16:00

11 Dove Street, 1st floor


In which we gather for making and merriment, a day for crafts of all description.

Note that the event end time isn’t at all adhered to – the madness only ends when we eventually wander off home!


  1. Sasha Ayres


    Would like to find out more. I am a hobby crafter – sewing, embroidery, like papercraft, glasswork, jewelry making, painting, pottery but my obsession at the moment is spinning and weaving – like the idea of meeting some like minded people to learn more – would your group be suitable?


    • Adam Reid

      Hi Sasha,

      You’re definitely in the right place! That’s a veritable bingo list for the stuff done of us get up to.

      There’s even a dedicated evening event for crafts, although you’re of course welcome any time, you’re more likely to meet kindred spirits on those evenings, which are currently alternate Wednesdays from 7pm.

      The next session is technically the 13th, but this Wednesday (eg tomorrow) we are also having a session themed on bookbinding; if you’re free you’d be very welcome to join us. Otherwise, drop in whenever we’re open for a tour!


      • Sasha Ayres

        Today is not going to work for me so will try for next Wednesday – 13th – would there be a theme for that too? Or perhaps drop in on Saturday – or is that not the best idea? I rather feel that I do not know what I am doing!


        • Adam Reid

          Next Wednesday has no set event or theme, aside from just a normal ‘craft evening’.

          Saturday is entirely doable – you’d be welcome to look around and work on a project if you like, but you’d not meet as many crafters as you would on a Wednesday.

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