Ipswich Makerspace is a not-for-proffit organisation run entirely by volunteers.  To maintain our current premises we rely on membership fees and donations to pay the bills.  Please consider becoming a member.

Become a member

To become a member all we ask is a yearly membership fee of £50 as well as the meeting fees described below. If you want to attend regularly as a member you are entitled to set up a monthly £20 payment allowing you to attend any meeting without further costs; we currently run meetings every Tuesday and Thursday and Saturdays. Becoming a member gives you voting rights at the AGM and any other EGM.  Access to the members only area on the website, as and when it becomes available, and also preferential access to the company owned equipment, such as the 3D printers, laser cutter and Raspberry Pi work stations and the NEW woodworking workshop. You will becoming a member of the Ipswich Makerspace Company which is limited by guarantee, if the company fails you are liable to the grand sum of £1 only, this is guaranteed.

Attend meetings

Nothing beats face to face contact at a meeting. We have seen a number of projects instantly take off when members meet and realise they have silimar interests and can help each other. The first meeting is free and is classed as a trial, if you like what you see and want to come again you can, all we ask is that you pay a £5 fee for each meeting you attend.

Social Media

Anyone is welcome to request membership of our Facebook group, Google group and browse the content on our public website. We are a friendly group so feel free to post and interact with our members. This is provided for free.


Under 18’s can attend meetings for free, but must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult. Under 18’s will not have voting rights. The company may use it discretion in special cases to reduce or cancel fees where it is demonstrated that individuals can provide positive input into the group but are unable to fund membership.

We reserve our rights to amend our fees as and when new meetings or services become available or our running costs change.

For more information please use our contact form