Tech Blog #2 : Elegoo Neptune + Octoprint + TapoCAM

Good afternoon makers.

In this mini-blog, I have set up a 3D printer with Octoprint and a TapoCOM / RTSP Camera. Here are all the useful URLs you need !


Install octoprint on your Pi :

Setup octoprint with your printer :

Setup CURA to link to Octoprint :

Install your TapoCam as per TP-Link instructions

Enable local access to the TapoCAM :   Tapo App -> Cameras -> Settings (top right) -> Advanced Settings -> Camera Account

Test the RTSP URL in OBS Studio or IP CAM Viewer :   OBS Example :

The TapoCAM URL will be “rtsp://user:pass@<ip_address>/stream1”

Setup LightHTTPd with a cgi-bin as per this blog for the MJPEG stream and Snapshot:

Setup Octoprint with MJPEG and JPEG object URLs.

Anyone at the Makerspace looking to do this themselves, I’m happy to jump on the Discord and help, if needs be.

I should really set all this up as a docker image with compose scripts or something, but I’m sure you can figure that out if thats your jam (it isn’t mine).



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