According to Government guidance from 4th July Community Centres and Social Clubs can re-open providing they follow the COVID-19 Secure guidelines.

The Makerspace will re-open from the 14th August for pre-booked appointments only.

At this time only monthly paying members will be able to book.

Booking are subject to the following rules:

  • A booking is made for a specific area: 3D printers, workshop, lasers area (with one table), soldering area (with end table) and the multipurpose room downstairs.
  • Only monthly paying members can book, existing members only (we are unable to provide any inductions at this time).
  • You may bring one other non member within your social bubble with you to your booked area. They must follow the same rules
  • Do not enter the space if you are suffering from any Covid-19 symptoms or are self-isolating.
  • If you have entered the makerspace and subsequently test positive for Covid-19 within 7 days you must let us know immediately so we can quarantine the space for 72 hours and notify other members.
  • Face coverings should be worn at all times
  • The first table upstairs is a sanitising/cleaning/PPE station. Please use this as you enter the space.
  • Equipment should be cleaned by the user before and after use. Keyboards are difficult to clean so either bring your own if you can, otherwise use gloves.
  • Ensure that nothing is left on the tables or in the work areas when you leave.
  • The kitchen in the space is closed. Eating is not permitted in the space but you can bring your own drink. Please ensure you take any waste home.
  • The downstairs toilet is closed, The upstairs toilet can be used but please clean it after you have used it.
  • There is no specific one way system but no passing on the stairs.
  • No more then 5 social bubbles (each a maximum of 2 people) in the space at one time.
  • Signage will be in place, please follow these.
  • We reserve the right to cancel bookings and close the space at any time.
  • Special care needs to be taken with lone working. See the guidance here
  • If you need to open or close the space please see the keyholder guidance here
  • You enter the space at your own risk, the Makerspace has taken reasonable precautions but cannot be held accountable if you do contract Covid-19

To book a slot please visit the bookings page.