Soldering Irons, Software and PiWars

Date(s) - 25/09/2014
19:00 - 22:00

Trinity Church Hall


Makerspace 4th Thursday

It’s Makerspace 4th Thursday and in a departure from previous 4th Thursdays it’s project night. The last meeting (Cathedral and Bazaar) didn’t allow much opportunity for making so this meeting will make up for it. Bring your Soldering Irons and Software or whatever techie wizardry you’ve found on Kickstarter or Aliexpress or wherever and get making. Be sure to check out what the others are up to, remember that one maker’s bat detector is another’s ultrasonic range finder tester.

PiWars Competiton

You may have heard of PiWars, if so good, if not, well you will be hearing about it. We’re signed up as one of 16 teams competing and the honour of the makerspace is at stake. Keith is going to give us a quickie run through of the event and he’s definitely going to want some help along the way so robonauts form an orderly queue. Investigate if you can’t wait. This is a challenge competition not a destruction one, robot goes in, robot comes out. No flame pit, no crushing.



In other News

If you don’t have a project don’t worry I have a nice little soldering kit you can have a go at, kit, tools and advice provided free. Lots of people have made them and it takes about an hour. Once complete you have a handy(?) little side scrolling message board or a free set of components for your next project including an LCD display and a PIC. If you haven’t done any soldering or you think you’re a bit rusty don’t worry there will be someone on hand to get you started and sort out any problems.


Even though the format has changed there will still be cake, not British Bake Off cake, but artisanal cake.

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