Well, we had a lovely surprise last night at the Makerspace. In the preceding week we had put a wish list together of kit for TractorBot and last night Rapid Electronics came good and a swag bag full of lovely kit was delivered.

We have Raspberry Pi’s, cases, wire, connectors, cobblers, magnets, motor drivers, motors and wheels(on back order). We are very lucky and grateful to Rapid for their generous sponsorship.

Rapid Swag

After struggling to choose the motors we were very keen to give them ago, so out came the soldering iron and soldered on a couple of wires to one of the motors. We had high expectations as we pushed the wires directly into the 7.2v battery terminals. But as the 50:1 ratio motor started to turn our excitement quickly turned to disappointment, it was slow, very slow. So this year we may well be running TractorBot at 15 volts to get a bit of extra speed.

It turns out those generic yellow robot motors are not actually that bad. 

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