Waldringfield Demonstration Evening

On Thursday 5th November Ipswich Makerspace hosted a demonstration evening at Waldringfield VIllage Hall as part of their Winter Talks. The event was enabled by Waldringfield resident and Makerspace member Tim, apart from the Raspberry Jam earlier in the year this was the first real event to be put on entirely by Ipswich Makerspace.

A call was put out to members to talk, run demonstrations and just generally be around to help field questions. We had a very good turnout with the show piece being a display from Simon, more on this later.

Photo-2015-11-05-19-37-19_3053The event was opened with a talk both by Tim and then our Leader Steve, who had so much knowledge to impart his talk was cut down by about 80% by Tim just minutes before the speech, to allow time for the residents to actually see our wares. The talking went well and eager to learn more the residents streamed into the main hall and the Makerspace members did their work.

We had

  • Phil and Jon with quad-copters
  • Jon also brought along his 3D printer and Neopixel display with Snake running complete with home made score and leader board.
  • Phil bought along a couple of robots, a 3D printed one and the TractorBot 2015 prototype as well as a 3D printer and a PiTop laptop running last years Ipswich Makerspace PiWars video
  • Keith Ellis brought along last years PiWars champion TractorBot and also this years prototype Tractorbot 2015, both of which made their way out to the live arena for the kids to play with.
  • The real crowd puller though was Simon with his mind controlled racing cars
  • Plenty of other members were also present including Vince, Dan, Frank, Gary, Ben and I’m sure there are others I’ve missed. So thank you all for really making this event what it was, it was you who made it so successful and engaging.

    The event was very busy and the residents certainly seemed very interested.

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