CamJam – Report

On 6th June the CamJam team held their latest Raspberry Pi event.  Once again it was at the Institute of Astronomy in Cambridge. I had the opportunity to attend this one and dragged the family along.  Although I could not stay for the whole event I had a great time.

Some of the key highlights were:

    • Andy Proctor gave a very inspiration talk on why the Raspberry Pi is not just for kids.  Andy has been involved in the Ipswich Makerspace for the past few months and has now taken up the challenge of hosting the Ipswich Raspberry Jam We shall be offering Andy all our support and you can see his talk CamJam talk here:

    • Jimbo Uberscuba, who also visits the Ipswich Makerspace regularly gave a great talk on programming with Java on the Pi, his talk can be seen below:

  • Other things of interest, a USB key which can be programmed easily on a laptop with wifi or LAN settings, so that it can be inserted into the Pi and upon booting the Pi’s wifi or LAN settings automatically update. Making it easy to connect a Pi to a network without needing a monitor, great for headless setups.  It was called PiConfig and the website is here
  • PiWars 2015 was also announced, but I will post separately about this.
  • If you are interested in seeing any of the other talks from CamJam June 2015, they can be found here.