AutoDesk Fusion 360 walkthrough

The fourth Thursday of the month is approaching, that can only mean one thing. It’s talk night.

On Thursday 23rd June Keith will be giving us a broad overview of 3D modelling in AutoDesk Fusion 360. This is a powerful, easy to use modelling environment free to Makers for Windows and MacOS. It can produce very nice 3D renders as well as easily outputting files for 3D printing or laser cutting, with advanced CAM features and also allows movement studies and stress analysis to be carried out. Keith will outline the general workflow which he has come to know well whilst designing last years Pi Wars entry along, with a live demonstration and quick overview of the move advanced features.

See the event page for more information

Soldering tutorial

We had a great soldering tutorial at last weeks meeting, which was taken by Keith.

It consisted of a short presentation and then hands on with some Raspberry Pi kits to get some practice. It was enjoyed by all and most learnt something new and now have the confidence to get out the soldering irons and get soldering.

If you wanted to attend but could not, or even if you did attend and want a recap, the presentation is on the Makerspace wiki. Visit the wiki here:

Soldering - resized page02

Getting started with the Raspberry Pi

Originally posted by Kieth Ellis from Ipswich Makerspace.

“Ok, so I was going to write a guide to getting started with the Raspberry Pi. However Michael Horne the organiser of the Cambridge CamJam has already written an excellent article.

So take a look at this post and definitely look at the Raspberry Pi foundation website, they have a great resource page with lots of guides and ideas for things to do with your Pi.

Once again, if you have any questions, just ask.”

Keith is one of the builders of our 2014 PiWars entry (which won its category) and was at the Ipswich Jam on Saturday demonstrating the robots.