October Gets Talky, Tech Talky

Coming up in October we have not one but two Tech Talks to take your minds off the gathering gloom.

casting of cthulhuFirst up we have David Kirkby (Thurs 5th Oct), a talented local sculptor and maker who will be explaining the ins and outs of mould making and cold resin casting. Imagine being able to reproduce your favourite thing in glorious but lightweight bronze.

3.Test RigFor fans of animation we have Alan Clark and Doug Selway (Thur 19th Oct) who will be showing us their cunning video camera rig which allows programmable, repeatable camera control for stop motion animation. The team designed, built, programmed and fettled the rig themselves and you can see the results on YouTube.

If you want to come along, both events are completely free of charge and you can have a tour of the makerspace and a chat afterwards. Of course we’re also open on our regular Tuesday and Thursday evening slots.

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AutoDesk Fusion 360 walkthrough

The fourth Thursday of the month is approaching, that can only mean one thing. It’s talk night.

On Thursday 23rd June Keith will be giving us a broad overview of 3D modelling in AutoDesk Fusion 360. This is a powerful, easy to use modelling environment free to Makers for Windows and MacOS. It can produce very nice 3D renders as well as easily outputting files for 3D printing or laser cutting, with advanced CAM features and also allows movement studies and stress analysis to be carried out. Keith will outline the general workflow which he has come to know well whilst designing last years Pi Wars entry along, with a live demonstration and quick overview of the move advanced features.

See the event page for more information

SQL for beginners – part two

So the next meeting, Thursday 28th May will see Tim run the second part of his three part SQL course. This time we are planning to have access to the break out room to ensure other making and discussion is not hindered.

Tim will be discussing advanced data retrieval, this will be an interactive session so please remember to bring your laptops along and make sure you have access to a ‘proper’  text editor.  It makes lift so much easier.