PiWars 2017

PiWars 2017, let the fun begin

Ipswichmakerspace : November 10, 2016 18:47 : PiWars 2017

So once more Tim Richardson @Geeky_Tim and Mike Horne @recantha are running PiWars, this time though rather than the usual December date it is being run over two days in April, the weekend of the first and second of April.

Ipswich Makerspace have entered the last two events and we have found them thoroughly exciting and exhausting. Our blog from last years event can be found here

Having enjoyed the previous events so much, we duly submitted our entry for the 2017 event. During the application I did not really “sell” ourselves, it had not been necessary in previous years, but when I heard the event was very much over subscribed, I think over 140 entries were recieved and only 76 were accepted, I got very nervous and was worried we would not be able to compete. But fortunately and with much relief on 30th September I received an email from Mike saying our entry had been accepted, we had a place :-D.

So who are the Ipswich Makerspace team?

Currently the team is made up by Phil, Jon, Keith and Steve. Our profiles can be found here in last years blog:

What is the plan

Line sensor PCB mounted to chassis
Line sensor PCB mounted to chassis

So the rules have changed this year, particularly with regard to size. So last years bot will be too large. That means a rebuild, that is not necessarily a bad thing, since whilst the 3D model look very nice the actual bot was not all that aesthetically pleasing, mostly due to all the wires on show.

TractorBot 2015
TractorBot 2015

So this year we are going to try harder and make the robot look nicer.

Let the fun begin

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