Maker Stars

Maker Stars Chart

Ipswich Makerspace have had an amazing year, with an exciting future ahead.  All of our success is down to the effort put in by our members.  Obviously some put more effort in than others, but no matter how much effort is applied, we appreciate it and want to reward and acknowledge it.  Last year we came up with the Maker Stars Chart.

Maker Stars Chart

This was a simple chart, with a list of potential actions with a list of members names, the idea being if you did a good deed you applied a star on the chart adjacent to your name.  After a year of it being on the wall, we got quite a lot of engagement with lots of starts applied.

So when it came to our Christmas Party this year we could not let it pass without acknowledging our most engaged members.  So this Christmas the acknowledgements went to (in absolutely no particular order) :

  • Steve Chalkley
  • Adam Reid
  • Pete Onion
  • Mal Hurbert
  • Jon Leach

There were more people to be acknowledged and you can see the chart above, but we decided to keep it to those who were in attendance at the Christmas Party.  That does not mean we do not appreciate the efforts of all those people who were not at the party or chose not to take part in the Maker Stars chart.

So to everyone who has impacted the Makerspace in the past year, Thank you VERY much.

There is a new chart up in the space now for the coming year.  Names are not pre-populated, so please do add you name and start collecting those stars.  We don’t promise anything, but who knows how we may choose to acknowledge people this year.  One thing we do know though, if your name’s not on the list your not going to be selected.

So don’t be shy, if you’ve done something to benefit the Makerspace, give yourself a star.

Here’s to a wonderful 2019, it’s going to be exciting and we want you to be part of it.